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Rockwell Prints are popular choices with art followers around the world.

This website covers the art career of Norman Rockwell in full and introduces all the best prints by this famous American 20th century artist.

Norman Rockwell is best known as a painter and skilled illustrator and his oil paintings have a charm and style which remains unique to the painter.

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The brilliance and mainstream appeal of Rockwell's work has helped the artist to achieve success in many different areas of American society. Check our sitemap for more prints.

Rockwell received his formal training from the National Academy of Design and Art Students League in America.

Rockwell initially found success as a professional illustrator for various publications who would improve their sales thanks to the artist's innovative fromtpage designs which were continued on by Joseph Csatari after Norman Rockwell moved on from the BSA where his career started to take shape.

Norman was in his late teens when he started to receive responsibilities that helped to increase his confidence.

See below for great examples of classic Rockwell oil paintings The Runaway, Tattoo Artist, Three Umpires, Boyhood Dreams, Choosin' Up and Road Block.

Each have links to the Rockwell prints gallery where you can buy Rockwell prints in many different formats, all in high quality and at great prices.

As with many successful artists, Rockwell was an undoubted perfectionist which perhaps was one of his secrets of success.

However it did impede some of his early career where professional deadlines would be more of an issue for an artist who was just starting to get a name for himself.

Some would grow frustrated by his unability to produce work quickly and as such he was always going to be more suited to the latter stages of his career where he could call the shots and have entire control over artistic direction and timeframes for delivery.

Rockwell's actual first published magazine cover was entitled Scout at Ship's Wheel and appeared in Boys' Life, September 1913.

At that point, few could have realised the achievements that the artist was later to reach through a varied and expansive career of art.

To have his own Norman Rockwell Museum today underlines the claim that he is one of the most important 20th century American artists.

The career of Rockwell was to total some 4,000 by it's end with is an achievement in itself.

Typically he was an artist who some art critics loved whilst others would refer to him rudely as just an illustrator and no more.

Rockwell was strong willed enough not to take an awful lot of notice of any of it and he would be pleased to see how the public continue to enjoy his work even today.

Norman Rockwell was so respected that he received commissions for portraits of four American presidents, namely Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon which is a huge honour for any patriotic American artist.

He also painted many other celebrities as well including Judy Garland.

These works, however significant in his career, are still overshadowed by more popular works in the eyes of the public.

Tattoo Artist

The legacy of Rockwell is shown in the multitude of ways that his works have been incorporated into other media ever since, including many major films such as The Polar Express, Funny Farm, Lilo & Stitch and Forrest Gump.

Several high level celebrities in America have also found the opportunity to purchase some of his ever increasily valuable original paintings.

George Lucas owns Rockwell's original of The Peach Crop, for example, plus Steven Spielberg owns a sketch of Rockwell's Triple Self-Portrait.

From his first Scouting calendar in 1925, to Beyond the Easel, 1969, Rockwell will always have a very strong link to the scouting movement which contributed to his career in many ways.

It was something he was passionate about, and also provided him opportunities to show off his creativity from an early stage in his career when he was still getting to understand himself as an artist and to decide what route he wanted to go in the future.

The most impressive and well known art prints by Norman Rockwell included Scout at Ship's Wheel, Santa and Scouts in Snow, Boy and Baby Carriage, Golden Rule, The Problem We All Live With, Southern Justice (Murder in Mississippi),Circus Barker and Strongman, Doctor and Doll, The Four Freedoms, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Worship, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, Rosie the Riveter, Going and Coming, Gramps at the Plate, Redhead Loves Hatty Perkins, People in a Theatre Balcony, Tain't You, Cousin Reginald Goes to the Country, Santa and Expense Book, Mother Tucking Children into Bed, The Rookie, No Swimming, Santa with Elves, Bottom of the Sixth, Saying Grace, The Young Lady with the Shiner, Girl at Mirror, Breaking Home Ties, The Marriage License, The Scoutmaster, The Runaway, Triple Self-Portrait, New Kids in the Neighborhood, Russian Schoolroom, The Rookie and Spirit of 76.

Three Umpires

As well as the art prints offered from the links in this site, there are also many products worth checking out on artist Rockwell, such as Norman Rockwell Posters, Norman Rockwell Figurines, Collectible Plates, Pictures, Images, Puzzles, Post Cards and Boy Scout Prints.

The skills and variety of output make Rockwell's products very broad in appeal and as such his fans are similarly of many different ages and backgrounds. Some even become specific collectors for Norman Rockwell items, and fortunately there are many available so this is still possible.

At one stage in his career, Rockwell had the incredible achievement of having had his original paintings being reproduced on more occasions that Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Picasso combined.

That is in part aided by his American nationality which immediately helps with their command of the media world, but is certainly impressive none the less.

Amongst the celebrities he covered were Bing Crosby, Bertrand Russell and President Eisenhower.

It was around the 1950s and 1960s that the artist began to consistently produce portraits of well known people, as it was now that they became aware of his talents.

Boyhood Dreams

As Rockwell's career carried on progressing, so did his productivity as an oil painting artist.

He managed to reach the stage of creating a work each day as the passion and energy of his work seemed limitless.

He was also never frightened to attack different subjects in order to keep his work fresh and interesting.

In some ways his career was similar to Andy Warhol in that initial professional success with illustrations for magazines led to artistic license and achievement later on.

As with many artists, Rockwell was obsessive about keeping control over the settings for his works, creating scenes with great detailed planning so that the paintings which he would create from them were interesting, of high quality and also captured what was already in his mind.

Jack Vettriano is a Scottish artist who takes similar care when planning a new piece of work which perhaps neither could do early in their careers when finance was not sufficient to back this ambition or simply that they did not have the confidence to behave as bold directors.

Choosin Up

Norman Rockwell paintings typically hold charm and charater within their subjects, often within unusual settings that other artists would not normally address.

The paintings would normally feel very real and get across a great sense of fun to the viewer which is immediately accessible to most.

His work was also very American in subject and style helping him to establish himself very strongly across his native country.

Rockwell was an artist who could connect with the audience whilst others often only appealed to an elite minority.

As art has become more for the people and less for the elite throughout the 20th century and rise of contemporary art, artists such as Norman Rockwell have become accepted and loved regardless of views from art academics.

The power of the modern media has meant that the public can to a degree choose their own favourites as they please in a greater democratisation of the art world, which represents an exciting time.

Small elements such as free galleries and museums in world cities such as London have also helped to further empower the common person.

The Norman Rockwell Museum is based in America, close to his resting place.

It was founded in 1969 and continues to stock the largest collection of his paintings.

It is also in the area that many of his originals were created too.

The Museum continues to strive to carefully expose the public to his work in the right way and ensure that his legacy is strong, positive and accurate.

Many other galleries and museums offer Rockwell exhibitions were possible, and they always prove popular across America.

Road Block

The Norman Rockwell Licensing Company continues to handle all of the rights to his career and works through the protection of his name and licenses which consistently are challenged in the media. Their role seems to aid the Museum in ensuring his legacy continues in the right direction.

This website will shortly add individual prints from the career of Norman Rockwell, as per what is currently available to buy from Check back when our sitemap is added and around 100 works will be included.

There are many popular Norman Rockwell books and catalogues covering part or all of his lifetime works. We include a list of some of the best Norman Rockwell books below.

  • Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera by Ron Schick
  • The Best of Norman Rockwell: A Celebration of America's Favourite Illustrator
  • Rockwell (Taschen Basic Art Series)
  • Norman Rockwell's Advent Calendar
  • Norman Rockwell: 332 Magazine Covers (Mini Folio)
  • Norman Rockwell's Christmas Book
  • Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell from the Collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg
  • Norman Rockwell Postcard Book
  • Norman Rockwell's Boy Scouts of America
  • Norman Rockwell Illustrator
  • Norman Rockwell: Storyteller with a Brush
  • Rockwell: A Boy and His Dog

The nature of Rockwell and his paintings make them a popular but there are certain art products which always suit his style better than others.

For example, tapestries are an excellent option for renaissance and baroque artists but more contemporary paintings are better as reproductions from any of the following:

  • Framed Giclee Prints
  • Unframed Art Prints
  • Unframed Posters
  • Stretched Canvases
  • Non-Giclee Art Prints
  • Large Wall Posters
  • Large Metal or Wooden Frames
  • Handmade Oil painting reproductions

Norman Rockwell produced a long list of classic works during his career, with many available to buy as prints online. See below for a brief list of some of the artist's most famous.

  • Scout at Ship's Wheel
  • Santa and Scouts in Snow
  • Boy and Baby Carriage
  • Circus Barker and Strongman
  • Gramps at the Plate
  • Redhead Loves Hatty Perkins
  • People in a Theatre Balcony
  • Tain't You
  • Cousin Reginald Goes to the Country
  • Santa and Expense Book
  • Mother Tucking Children into Bed
  • The Rookie
  • No Swimming
  • Santa with Elves
  • Doctor and Doll
  • The Four Freedoms
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom to Worship
  • Freedom from Want
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Rosie the Riveter
  • Going and Coming
  • Bottom of the Sixth
  • Saying Grace
  • The Young Lady with the Shiner
  • Girl at Mirror
  • Breaking Home Ties
  • The Marriage License
  • The Scoutmaster
  • The Runaway
  • Triple Self-Portrait
  • Golden Rule
  • The Problem We All Live With
  • Southern Justice (Murder in Mississippi)
  • New Kids in the Neighborhood
  • Russian Schoolroom
  • The Rookie
  • Spirit of 76

Norman Rockwell is just one of many famous American painters and artists who continue to attract purchases of their originals works as reproductions. We include a quick list of some of the most famous American artists from different movements and mediums below.

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